Why getting 3d scanning service is better than actually buying 3d scanner?

The process of 3D scanning is used to analyze real-world objects, collect data on their characteristic features and store and use the data in digital format. The advantages of using 3D scanning are immeasurable, as manufacturing industries are already discovering.

Now, if you are a business mulling the thought of going in-house or opting for a 3D scanning service in Australia, the following features might help you make a more informed decision.

Cost of 3D Scanning

The first point of consideration is obviously the cost of 3D scanning. The price of a professional 3D scanner can sometimes run into the tens of thousands of dollars. For example, investing in a high-resolution 3D scanner with inspection and analysis capabilities can cost you around $130,000. A more inexpensive option is definitely hiring the services of an expert, based on your project requirements.


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Weigh the Volume of Work

What is the approximate amount of 3D scanning services that you need to get done for your project? This is a question you must ask yourself to help you decide whether outsourcing will be more cost-effective for your company in the long run.

Support Equipment

Most companies neglect the operating cost of in-house 3D scanning by not taking into consideration the additional investments they would require for support equipment in order to operate the scanner effectively. For example, a FARO arm or a tripod, or even the critical calibration tools to set up your 3D scanner. You can save on all these overheads by hiring a team of experts.

Personnel Management and Training

Get ready to invest a few more thousands of dollars on hiring personnel and training them to run your 3D scanners on site. Even then, you run the risk of one or two of your employees being responsible for not handling the post-processing efficiently or even damaging your scanning equipment. This entails further costs of repairing and maintenance.

Operate Hassle-free

Outsourcing is often a great option when you just need someone else to take care of work for you! There are many high-quality, expert 3D scanning services in Melbourne, such as Zeal 3D Scanning Services, with the technical know-how, ideal skills, and necessary experience to fulfill your business needs.

3D Scanning Service

Zeal 3D with its experienced team offers scanning services in the domains of reverse engineering, development of new CAD design or simply obtaining 3D files for 3D printing. High-end industrial scanners are equipped to capture the smallest of details that help to speed up the industrial and product design process in a cost-effective manner.

3d Scanning in Melbourne

The image used for illustration purposes. Zeal CAD is not the owner or creator of the image.

Our scanning service in manufacturing is also used for the purpose of inspection and quality control. You can use the scan data to conduct a highly effective FEA analysis. Many artists and sculptors are also benefitting from our 3D scanning service.

Use expert laser 3D scanning services to solve all your designing and data collection requirements. Obtain digital output in file formats of your choice, including .stl, .obj, .3ds, .wrl, .dxf, .collada, .stl, .obj, .3ds, .wrl, .dxf, .collada. Contact Zeal 3D for a free consultation today!

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