Why CAD Is Useful than Manual Drafting?

Technical drawings help production and construction workers to understand how to manufacture or or build things, be it a part or component for automotive, electrical, or aircraft industry, or a building for the real estate. Drafters create them from the inputs provided by engineers and architects. They used to create technical drawings or plans manually when there was no CAD software. But now they create technical drawings on a computer with ease, and in less time. CAD is an effective tool that helps in creating any complex mechanical and structural designs with accuracy. Any CAD drafting company can vouch for practical applications of CAD over manual drafting.

Creating 3D models

Creating a 3D model manually is a tough and time-consuming. With manual drafting, you can only create 2D model, whereas with a CAD 3D modeling software, you can create a 3D model as well as convert your 2D model into in 3D with ease and quickly. Most of the vendors of AutoCAD drafting services are equipped with the latest 3D modeling software and can create 3D models for rapid prototyping and production on a small and large scale.

Creating 3d Cad Model

Easier manipulation of drawings

Making changes in any manually-created technical drawings was difficult. Even for a minor change, it used to take lots of time. Many times, the drafters have to recreate the drawing. But with CAD software, they can easily make any minor or major changes quickly. The CAD tools offer flexibility to manipulate and redraw the plans as required.

Manipulative 3d model

Easy sharing of designs

There are multiple departments involved in any project. As such, sharing technical drawings with each one of them becomes mandatory. With manual drafting, you cannot share the design with all of them since it difficult to hand-draft the design again. This limitation is overcome by CAD design. You can create multiple copies and share with all the departments involved.

Engineer using computer aided design (CAD)

Safe storing and reuse of drawings

Storing manual drawings is not easy. Moreover, there are also chances of the paper drawings getting faded or torn over the years. In such case, reusing the same drawings in the future or when required is not possible. There is no option other than redrafting. With CAD files, you can easily store, and use the drawings for multiple times. When you avail CAD drafting services, you can contact the vendor for the same drawing anytime when the need arises.

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There are many ways CAD is effective than manual drafting. For structural designs, or mechanical drafting services, contact Zeal CAD Services, Melbourne. You can outsource CAD project or hire CAD engineers from them as per your need.

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