What Does a Drafter or Draftsman Do?

Planning and preparing technical drawings are fundamental for manufacturing any mechanical or electrical device, or construct a building for residential and commercial use. These technical drawings serve as a virtual guideline for engineers and workers to develop a product or a structure. To prepare them, drafting skills of a drafter or draftsman are required. These drafters are trained for creating complex drawings that involve technical details for the project. They are the ones who transform the ideas of engineers, and machinist into a practical electronic or digital format. Since the success of production and construction relies on technical drawings, you will need superior drafting services.

2D and 3D CAD Drawing

Drafting is a specialized field and requires working knowledge of Computer Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) systems. That’s why drafters or draftsmen are also called as CADD operators. And the company that provides engineering and architectural CAD drafting services, is also referred to as CAD drafter contractor.

CAD drafters help clients prepare electronic drawings from engineering sketches to store, view, print, and manipulate as required. Hire CAD drafter with Zeal CAD Services for mechanical and architectural projects.

Drafting specialization

Since drawings are crucial for any projects, draftsman has to specialize in the chosen field. He or she can prepare aeronautical, machine, engine, building, bridge, road, irrigation, sewage system, and geological drawings. Zeal CAD Services has a team of CAD drafters holding different specialization. This mean we can handle all types of projects. This is why we are the best CAD contractor in Australia.

CAD Drafter - Zeal CAD

Draftsman skills

Every technical drawing has to be accurate and with complete details. This requires lots of precision, patience, good eyesight, and superb hand-eye coordination. Our team has the required engineering and graphic-design skills to deliver high-quality and detailed 2D and 3D CAD models for mechanical, civil, electrical projects. If you need best CAD drafter in Melbourne for your projects, we can deliver high-quality and cost-effective drafting service.

Hire CAD engineer - Zeal CAD Services

CAD tools

We prepare technical drawings in computer aided drafting programs. While AutoCAD is the most popular program, we are also proficient in working with advanced engineering CAD software. Our CAD models are compatible to work on Windows, Linux, and MAC. Whether it is three-dimensional rendering, tracking and controlling technical specifications, our drafters and engineers have the best skills in the industry.

CAD design softwares - Zeal CAD

Zeal CAD Services is a reputed CAD outsourcing company located in major cities of Australia and in Toledo, Ohio, USA. We offer 2D drafting, CAD drawings, and rendering, 3D design and 3D modeling services.

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