Autocad Drafting Services

Autocad Drafting Services
One-to-one AutoCAD 2D lessons with a professional with several years of working and teaching experience!

Tailored tuitions covering all the aspect including:

– Floor plan
– Section
– Elevation
– Dimensions
– Printing/Plotting
– Setting up files and file management
– Layering
– Drawing & Drawing principals
– Plans / Elevations
– Exporting / Importing files

Our Designers have nearly 10 years of professional experience using AutoCAD in Architectural Practice. We have developed a way of teaching people how to use AutoCAD Drafting Services (any version) in just a few hours.

The length of this course is 3 hours over morning / afternoon / evening period. The course is designed to allow you to have confidence in a new ability of using the program. Anyone can use this powerful software and I can show you how.
Courses can also be tailored to suit individual needs.

All we need is for you to have a computer with AutoCAD installed. We can tutor you in a cafe, library or in the comfort of your home.We work a typical 6 to 9 week so tuition is likely to be required to become expert in Autocad.

AutoCAD drafting services
Weeks1st Week2nd Week3rd Week4th Week
1.Getting Started5.Editing 2D Geometry9.Introduction To Blocks13.Advanced Annotation
2.Display Commands6.Managing Object Properties10.Dimensions & Cross hatching14.Advanced Blocks and Attributes
Modules3.Coordinates & Basic Drafting Tools7.CAD Construction Techniques11.Page Setup & Plotting15.Referencing and Sharing Information
4.Creating 2D Geometry8.Creating Text & Defining Styles12.Introduction To Drawing Setup
Every Saturday at Our office
Time and location10 to 4.30 PM (6 hours + 30 min break)


If you have any queries or would like to get more information about 3d modeling services, please feel free to contact us.