Autocad Drafting Services

Autocad Drafting Services

One-to-one AutoCAD 2D lessons with a professional with several years of working and teaching experience!
Tailored tuitions covering all the aspect including:
– Floor plan
– Section
– Elevation
– Dimensions
– Printing/Plotting
– Setting up files and file management
– Layering
– Drawing & Drawing principals
– Plans / Elevations
– Exporting / Importing files

Our Designers have nearly 10 years of professional experience using AutoCAD in Architectural Practice. We have developed a way of teaching people how to use AutoCAD Drafting Services (any version) in just a few hours.

The length of this course is 3 hours over morning / afternoon / evening period. The course is designed to allow you to have confidence in a new ability of using the program. Anyone can use this powerful software and I can show you how.

Courses can also be tailored to suit individual needs.

All we need is for you to have a computer with AutoCAD installed. We can tutor you in a cafe, library or in the comfort of your home.
I work a typical 6 to 9 week so tuition is likely to be required to become expert in Autocad

computer-training AutoCAD
Weeks 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week
1.Getting Started 5.Editing 2D Geometry 9.Introduction To Blocks 13.Advanced Annotation
2.Display Commands 6.Managing Object Properties 10.Dimensions & Cross hatching 14.Advanced Blocks and Attributes
Modules 3.Coordinates & Basic Drafting Tools 7.CAD Construction Techniques 11.Page Setup & Plotting 15.Referencing and Sharing Information
4.Creating 2D Geometry 8.Creating Text & Defining Styles 12.Introduction To Drawing Setup
Every Saturday at Our office
Time and location 10 to 4.30 PM (6 hours + 30 min break)

If you have any queries or would like to get more information about 3d modeling services, please feel free to contact us.