Tips to Create Amazing 3D CAD Models for Mechanical Designs

3d modelling is a vast and very complex technology as it is feature packed with so many utility advanced functions to make an engineer’s life productive and easy. No matter if someone is tenderfoot or an experienced, seasoned craftsman, there is always be a learning room for making skills more sharper and precise.

3d Cad Model

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Here are some basic yet amazing tips to create amazing 3d cad models for mechanical designs:

1.Never ignore the material guidelines:

Every 3d printing material is different from each other. If one is soft and fragile on the other hand, another material will be hard and brittle. There are many different materials available in the market which are having their own texture which is different from each other. So before starting any work, give yourself some time to understand the requirement and after that choose the perfect material accordingly. It will manufacture the product perfectly and with the right look and feel.

3D Cad Model - Measurement

The image used for illustration purposes. Zeal CAD is not the owner or creator of the image.

2.Measuring the wall thickness properly:

It’s not a very big concern but worth considering. As the information regarding wall thickness is provided in the guidelines, but you should cross check it for the sake of correct product manufacturing.

The problems with wall thickness are very common like the wall thickness is too thin or thick. The walls that are very thin will break off easily by applying a little force on it. On the other hand, walls that are very thick will generate internal stress at an extreme level which will break the object. That’s why it’s better to take the wall of perfect thickness.

3d Cad Model - Wall Thickness

The image used for illustration purposes. Zeal CAD is not the owner or creator of the image.

3.Study the file resolution:

If you are a beginner in the 3d printing then just make this point noted that STL is the  mostly used file format in 3d printing is STL (standard triangle language), that means the design will be translated into triangles in a 3D space.

Low-resolution STL– The low-resolution means the triangles in the STL file will be of bigger sizes and print surface will be of rough texture.

High-resolution STL–  A file with a resolution that is high will make your file very big and will create a problem in handling the file.

There will be an extreme level of detailing that the 3D printers may not able to print.

So, for a perfect 3d cad model, it’s worth considering these points. And if searching for 3d scanning services or 3d mechanical drawing services then we can offer 3d cad drafter on contract for your every requirement and mechanical designer for hire purposes.

Image Disclaimer: The images are using for illustration purposes. Zeal CAD is not the owner of the image.
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