Tips Regarding Reverse Engineering for CAD Requirements

Reverse engineering is done across various industries to derive surface data of a part or object, which could be automotive, electrical, computer, etc. Engineers and designers prefer it for collecting physical measurement of the object for CAD purpose. By doing RE, they are saved of the need to start the design from scratch. It is best for designing legacy parts or when there is no information available to re-create the critical part. In brief, reverse engineering services help in transforming physical measurements of any components into digital format for changing existing  design or creating new.

Reverse Engineering for CAD Requirements

Reverse engineering for CAD has a different purpose. It is not meant for reconstructing or dissembling the functionality of the product or machine. It is done to extract information on the product’s geometry and use the data for modeling or fabricating 3D models. The RE process start by scanning the physical object by a 3D scanner. The measured data forms a point cloud which is then processed for generating triangular-faced mesh, or a CAD model.


Reverse engineering and 3D scanning

Measuring any physical object to collect measurement  data and use it as a guide in CAD requires precision. Generally, hand tools such as calipers are used for measuring physical stats of objects with no complex features. But these tools are not handy or practical for measuring objects with complicated features. A 3D scanner is the best tool to extract detail measurements from an object having complex geometries. It can measure parts of any shape and collect accurate data  to use in CAD. That’s the reason why engineering firm offering reverse engineering service also offers 3D scanning services.

Digital 3D-Scanning

When to opt for reverse engineering

When there is no means for recovering information on existing product, or make changes in the design of the intent product, reverse engineering is the best method. You can use it for:

  • Enhancing, deleting, or adding new features in the design of the existing products
  • Designing and re-manufacturing parts whose production has been long stopped
  • When no CAD drawings of the parts is available
  • Replacing or repairing old parts
  • Recreating parts with complex geometries
  • Change designs of parts, tools, and molds


Acquiring objects surface data with 3D scanning requires skills and experience. If you are in need of changing the design of existing parts or re-manufacture worn-out parts of a machine, contact Zeal CAD Services. This is the best engineering firm in Melbourne for CAD outsourcing and  3d cad drawing services.

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