10 Years Experience

More than 10 years experience across various design and engineering industries.


Faster Turnaround

Expert engineers at Zeal take minimal amount of time required for a project but never sacrifice quality for speed.


Multifaceted Solutions

Leave your industrial concerns to us. Rely on us right from conceptualizing through to finalizing product design and manufacturing.


Latest Softwares & Technologies

Using latest software’s for CAD design and state of the art technology for 3D Scanning and 3D Printing speed up the process and ensure high quality results.

Industrial and Product Design Services

Industrial design is a very wide concept, all manufactured products are the result of design process, but while designing nature of process take many forms. Zeal has experienced staff who are ready to take challenges, we are here to help you in every stage of industrial design process.

Product design and development referred to function of working by

  • Configuring the style and look of the product
  • Optimizing materials, textures, The complete architecture and mechanical processes. And, finally engineering all the components to seamlessly work together.

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We will help you in the process of creating a product to be served by your business to your clients. The final product can be a factory manufactured industrial element, or it can only be a digital interface.

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Zeal is a leading product design company with a team of in-house designers who have extensive experience in the domains of product design, manufacturing and prototyping across various industries. Our designers follow strict drafting standards and develop detailed drawing.

To generate quality manufacturing, installation and fabrication information in 2d we have team of qualified draftsmen, mechanical engineers and CAD professionals who has years of industrial experience. You can also take the benefit of online drafting services.

Our Drafting Services Include

  • Manufacturing Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings

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  • Machine Drawings
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Structural Design Drawings

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2d to 3d conversion

2D to 3D conversion

We offer full range of CAD drafting services, CAD conversion services, including AutoCAD conversions, paper and PDF to CAD conversion and much more.

We ensure the highest privacy and confidentiality protocols. Your project data is safe with us. You will get expert service when you hire us for 2D to 3D conversion.

Software’s we use

  • AutoCAD
  • 3DS Max
  • Solidworks

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Also, we can provide output in number of formats.

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3D modeling (Image to 3D conversion)

Ensure efficiency in your development process with our 3D modelling services that provide detailed visualization and engineering analysis.

Whether it’s for production, media, print or Internet promotion, we’ll give you accurate and highly marketable 3D modelling service.

Following are the few examples of Industries we serve

  • Geology and Science
  • Gaming
  • Kitchenware components
  • Furniture Products

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  • Retail products
  • Entertainment
  • Figurines or animated characters
  • Mechanical machine components
  • Assembly modelling and interface check
  • Automotive parts design
  • Precision components
  • Architectural presentation

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3D CAD Modeling by ZealCAD
3d rendering

3D Visualization – Rendering

3D rendered images allow you to present your product to customers and partners in an impressive way.

3d rendering eases visualisation of the final product before the actual production through images that are vibrant and realistic and brings your vision to life.We convert your 2D sketches, AutoCAD drawings or 3d models into visually stunning 3D rendered image which highlight you what the end-product can be.3d rendered images are also required for technical approval, presentations and advertising etc .3D Rendering allow for visual presentation in a vibrant and realistic way.
We provide photorealistic 3D Rendering Services for

  • Home Builders

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  • Furniture Manufacturer
  • Architects
  • Developers
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Marketing Companies
  • Private clients
  • Interior Designers
  • Product Manufactures for all their marketing requirements.

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CAE Services – Analysis and Simulation (FEA)

Zeal offers a complete range of FEA consulting services to design engineers including

  • structural
  • thermal
  • fatigue
  • stress analysis and
  • pressure analysis on fluid carrying structure.

We analyze the product behavior, Predict failures, creep and optimize the product design accordingly.

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Your design engineers can take design decision early and expedite the product development stage with help of our FEA specialist engineers

We provide product design, analysis, prototyping and manufacturing services for mechanical equipment used in various plants such as

  • Industrial plants
  • Sheet metal product manufacturers
  • Automotive OEM and
  • Ancillaries and pressure vessel manufacturers.

Technical FEA experts at Zeal uses

  • ANSYS Mechanical
  • ANSYS NLS and
  • ANSYS LS Dyna

These tools are used to analyse different operational conditions, loading conditions, Repetitive stress cycles etc .Component performance can be evaluated with the help of our CAE services.

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How It Works?


Design process starts from a concept. Concept can be in the form of sketches, 2D drawings or Images Our team of expert first work on the basic concepts of the design and give you guidance to make it into reality.

3D Designing

Once the concept is clear, our team starts working on it to make the concept into actual 3D CAD.
Our team will give you constant updates of the progress of the project and work on your feedback.

Development and analysis

Once the 3D Design is ready we can take design decision early and expedite product development stage with help of our FEA specialist engineers.


After finalising 3D CAD, we can help prototyping your design as well, with our 3D Printing, CNC machining, Vacuum casting services.

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