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Leave your industrial concerns to us. Rely on us right from conceptualizing through to finalizing product design and manufacturing.


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Using latest software’s for CAD design and state of the art technology for 3D Scanning and 3D Printing speed up the process and ensure high quality results.

Finite Element Analysis Service

FEA Analysis Services

Finite Element Analysis, commonly known as FEA, is used in combination with traditional techniques to test structures and systems, no matter how complex, analyze component features and functionality, and make accurate predictions on the strength and durability as well as product dynamics. 

FEA analyzes changes in product designs that affect the cost of production while helping to reduce the weight of the final products. FEA analysis is also used by designers to gain technical approval of product designs, before embarking on the actual process of manufacturing. FEA simulations help test products using real-world parameters.

FEA is more viable than traditional testing options when it comes to complicated product designs. Zeal CAD engineers support you in providing accurate data on durability, failure predictions on products, and so on.

Computer-Aided Engineering Services

Computer-aided engineering (CAE) provides real-world simulations in order to improve product design and eventual performance. Engineering defects across industries are being solved using this advanced technology. CAE analysis consists of a multipronged process, encompassing the stages of pre-and post-processing.

CAE and FEA Analysis for Industrial and Product Design

As innovation becomes the name of the game in industrial manufacturing, businesses are looking for improved efficiency in product design and development. This is where the importance of CAE and FEA analysis can be studied. Let us explore their benefits.

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  • Enhanced design capabilities;
  • Efficient and improved product designs;
  • Quicker development;
  • Improved product quality;
  • Environmentally friendly designs;
  • Efficient and expedited process of information sharing and dissemination;
  • Comply with universal safety standards;
  • Overall improvements product performance;
  • Quick alterations to product designs based on FEA analysis and predictions;
  • On-site upgrades;
  • Precision analysis of products and systems;
  • Efficient use of FEA and CAE are essential prerequisites for any design research that eventually contributes to the final product design and development;

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CAE Services

Our Mission

  • Zeal CAD Services provides our clients with low cost, reliable, and professional finite element analysis consulting services over the internet. Using the power of the internet, we are able to participate in your design projects just as effectively as being in your office. We can help solve all types of mechanical engineering and structural engineering analysis problems.
  • We use Computer Aid Design (CAD) tools to do the design and drafting documentation, which can be used for Finite Element Analysis. Our clients can also simply send us any type of CAD file, and we then convert, import, and mesh the geometry in our Cad programs FEA only take IGES files or STP. Along with this, the contribution of finite element analysis for improving design engineers’ skills is huge and comprehensive. Experience a wide range of FEAanalysis services with us.
  • The role of finite elements in analysis and design is inseparable and kingpin. To bring out the highest potential of any product or machine, FEA services play a primitive role. 

Benefits of Finite Element Analysis:

  • Detailed operational approach:

Most lucrative advantages of finite element analysis are the sheer control over the operation. This approach offers detailed result sets of the design, rendering of the physical output of the system at any point of location and including some of the very minute details which might have been ignored in the manual approach.

  • Reliable in complex operations:

The finite element analysis process is a very reliable process when it comes to the simulation of complex operations. This process is robust and stable when heavy loads are involved in the operational process.

  • Optimal management:

Engineers can manage all the complex projects with ultimate ease with finite element analysis. It offers amazingly optimal management of operational processes and the model. Often, several crash modes or material effects can be easily examined within a simple design approach. This is the reason why FEA is widely used in various industries.

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  • Faster computation and rendering:

In this process, multiple processes execute at the same time, which brings sheer speed to the entire manufacturing process. The concurrent computation and visual description of a wide variety of solid parameters such as pressure or temperature make this process extremely reliable. Engineers can rapidly examine the production and possible customizations.

  • Cost-effective

This process is very cost-effective as compared to other industrial processes that’s why it is being used by numerous industries in their

  • Increase productivity

As compared with other methods, FEA brings amazing productivity in product optimization and manufacturing. Even complex operations that are time-consuming can be managed efficiently just because of its operational procedure.

  • Unmatchable convenience:

Finite element analysis comes with sheer convenience and excellence in work. You can get your product optimized and redesigned in just a couple of hours which is nearly impossible in other approaches.

  • Safe to operate:
    It offers a safe simulation of potentially hazardous uneven load conditions on the product. Comprehensive testing of the product can be done efficiently by FEA.
  • Detailed Product Report:

The biggest advantage of leveraging the FEA is the micro-level report of the product. You can comprehensively check the product’s flaws and strength areas without any help of other tool or method.

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FEA Service

FEA Engineering Services in Manufacturing

Zeal offers a complete range of FEA consulting services to engineers across the manufacturing sector to carry out critical operations. These include:

  • Structural;
  • Thermal;
  • Fatigue;
  • Stress analysis; and
  • Pressure analysis on fluid carrying structure.

Zeal supports and helps design engineers to analyze product behavior, predict failures and affect product design optimizations accordingly. The whole process of product development is therefore expedited.

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Our mechanical engineers offer services in product design, analysis, prototyping, and manufacturing in various sectors such as:

  • Industrial plants;
  • Sheet metal product manufacturers;
  • Automotive OEM; and
  • Ancillaries and pressure vessel manufacturers.

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FEA and CAE Professional Services for Automobile Industry

CAE and FEA services have come as a blessing for the automobile industry. Zeal CAD provides these services to OEM suppliers, aftermarket manufacturers, and other stakeholders in the industry in order to improve product performance.

At Zeal, CAE solutions are designed for product optimization, including making vehicles more fuel-efficient, improved product performance, and make them more durable and cost-effective. Effectively, these parameters also help to make automobiles more eco-friendly.

Zeal CAD uses only the most advanced tools in the business.

Zeal FEA specialists use advanced tools and software to evaluate the performance of different components. These include:

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  • ANSYS Mechanical;
  • ANSYS LS Dyna;
  • SolidWorks;

Reach out to our experts to get your free quote today!

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CEA Service

How It Works?


Design process starts from a concept. Concept can be in the form of sketches, 2D drawings or Images Our team of expert first work on the basic concepts of the design and give you guidance to make it into reality.

3D Designing

Once the concept is clear, our team starts working on it to make the concept into actual 3D CAD.
Our team will give you constant updates of the progress of the project and work on your feedback.

Development and analysis

Once the 3D Design is ready we can take design decision early and expedite product development stage with help of our FEA specialist engineers.


After finalising 3D CAD, we can help prototyping your design as well, with our 3D Printing, CNC machining, Vacuum casting services.

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