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More than 10 years experience across various design and engineering industries.


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Expert engineers at Zeal take minimal amount of time required for a project but never sacrifice quality for speed.


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From concept and product design to large scale manufacturing, we can handle the whole thing.


Latest Softwares & Technologies

Using latest software’s for CAD design and state of the art technology for 3D Scanning and 3D Printing speed up the process and ensure high quality results.

Digital Manufacturing & 3D Printing Service

  • Additive manufacturing, popularly called 3D printing, is used to create 3D objects from a digital file.
  • 3D printed objects are created through additive processes by the successive layering of material. Each layer is visible in the horizontal cross-section of the final product.
  • 3D printing, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing that involves the hollowing out of a metal or plastic piece, uses less material than traditional manufacturing to produce complex (functional) shapes.

Benefit’s of 3D Printing

  • A wide array of products can be manufactured using 3D printing. This includes customizable as well as personalized products and designs.
  • Rapid Prototyping: quickly transform your product designs into actual prototypes.
  • Speed up the manufacturing of a large number of products.
  • Despite the fact that the introductory setup expenses are higher, 3D printing has gotten to be less expensive than modest work in underdeveloped nations. Also, the expenses of 3D printing are as yet diminishing, with the capability of 3D printers in homes sooner rather than later. Moreover, the expenses of tweaked items are the same for large scale manufacturing products.

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  • Conventional assembling techniques might give you the extra items that you need in the long run in a quick and inexpensive manner. However, 3D printing ensures that you produce only those items that are to be sold, thereby saving you the hassle of warehousing overstock.

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Benifits of 3d printing
types of 3d printing

Types of 3D Printing

  • We have wide range of 3D printing Processes for different kind of requirements.
  • Fused deposition modelling (FDM)
  • Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • Selective laser melting (SLM)
  • Stereolithography (SLA)
  • Binder Jetting
  • Digital Light Processing (DLP)
  • Multi-jet modelling (MJM)

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  • Multi Jet Fusion (MJF)
  • PolyJet

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3D Printing Materials

From the wide range of 3D Printing Processes, we can manufacture in Plastic, Metal, PolyJet. Following are some of the processes and materials we can 3d print in our experts will help you to find best suitable material for your requirement.

FDM 3D printing

  • PLA (FDM 3D Printing)
  • ABS (FDM 3D Printing)
  • ABS-M30i (medical/ food grade)(FDM)
  • ASA(UV stability)(FDM)
  • PC(industrial thermoplastic)(FDM)

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  • PC-ISO(biocompatible )(FDM)
  • NYLON 6(FDM)
  • NYLON 12(FDM)
  • NYLON 12 CF(Carbon Filled Thermoplastic )(FDM)
  • ULTEM 9085(flame-retardant high-performance thermoplastic)(FDM)
  • ULTEM 1010(ability to withstand steam autoclaving.)(FDM)

SLS 3D Printing

  • Nylon PA2200 (SLS)
  • Glass Filled Nylon PA3200 (SLS)
  • HP Premium Nylon PA12 (SLS)
  • Alumide (SLS)
  • Flexible PEBA 2301 Plastics (SLS)

SLA 3D Printing

  • ABS resin plastic(SLA)
  • Transparent resin plastic (SLA)
  • White Soft Resin(flexible)(SLA)

MJM 3D Printing

  • UV Cured Acrylic Plastics (MJM)
  • Frosted Details (MJM)

Color Jet Printing (CJP)

  • Full Color Sandstone (CJP)

PolyJet 3D Printing

  • Basic Vero (white/black) (PolyJet)
  • VeroClear (Transperent)(PolyJet)
  • RGD 450 (PP Grade)(PolyJet)
  • Agilus30(Durable and Tear Resistant)(PolyJet)
  • MED610 (Bio compatible)(PolyJet)
  • Digital ABS plus(high-temperature resistance with toughness)(PolyJet)
  • Multicolor(PolyJet)
  • Vero Clear (Polyjet)
  • Vero White (Polyjet)

SLM 3D Printing

  • Stainless Steel420 (SLM)
  • Aluminium (AlSi10Mg)
  • Stainless Steel316L (DMLS)
  • Titanium (DMLS)
  • MS1 Steel (DMLS)
  • NickelAlloy IN625 (DMLS)
  • NickelAlloy IN718 (DMLS)
  • CobaltChrome (DMLS)
  • Matt Black Gold Nickel Steel

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3D printing materials

How It Works?


Design process starts from a concept. Concept can be in the form of sketches, 2D drawings or Images Our team of expert first work on the basic concepts of the design and give you guidance to make it into reality.

3D Designing

Once the concept is clear, our team starts working on it to make the concept into actual 3D CAD.
We need 3D design file for 3D printing, STL is most commonly used file format for 3D printing.

Selection of Material

For 3D printing selection of right material is very crucial from wide variety of material. Avail our expertise that will help you make the right choices in materials, ideally suited for your specific applications.

3D Printing

The final stage in this process is actual 3D printing, we have in house capability for 3D printing in wide range of materials right from plastic to metal.

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