Quick Tips For Finite Element Analysis

FEA is a numerical method in which algebraic equations are used for breaking engineering and mathematical problems related to mechanical objects and civil structures into smaller and simpler parts. In this process, any complex shape is replaced by adding many regular and simple shapes, which are joined together to correct the original design. These shapes have lots of smaller components that are known as finite elements. Finite element analysis services are used by diverse industries for optimizing product design and development.

Finite Element Analysis - Zeal CAD Service

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FEA Applications

FEA is an effective tool to simplify complex engineering designs and attain accuracy. It can be used in:

  • Stress and structural analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Solid mechanics
  • Thermal and electrical analysis
  • Sheet metal analysis
  • 3D modeling services
  • 3D scanning services


Quick Tips to improve finite element analysis


The image used for illustration purposes. Zeal CAD is not the owner or creator of the image.

Improve CAD Design

Though CAD designers have the skills in creating CAD models, they sometimes miss the minute details necessary for FEA analysis. Since CAD models have lots of intricate details such as fillets, miniature surfaces, holes, etc. a wrong CAD design can create a bad mesh.

Review Mesh quality

The accuracy and quality in mesh will have a major impact on FEA analysis.  If the mesh quality is bad, it will be difficult to combine the shapes or finite elements. So review the mesh quality using mesh checking tools and then run the analysis.

3D model

Whether you want to simulate the exact design and features of a product, or perform reverse engineering, creating 3D model of that product will be useful. Use 3D scanning services to capture the dimension of the subject object in 3D. Many advanced 3D scanners are available with 3D scanning service provider that can measure objects without any need of contact.

3D modeling & rendering

Creating a mathematical representation of an object in 3D and storing the data in the computer will be useful for finite element analysis. 3D modeling services in Australia offer 3D modeling and rendering for concepts and changing existing design and construction of an object.

Outsource FEA services

FEA tools are costly. Moreover, you will need lots of time to master them. This will divert your focus from business since you will spend time on learning the tools. So, outsource FEA services in Melbourne and improve product design and development. Along with outsourcing, get service for 3D scanning in Melbourne as well.

FEA is a costly, but effective tool useful in manufacturing, mechanical, and construction industries. If you want to resolve engineering problems with accuracy, cost-effective and in time, contact Zeal CAD. It is one of the best CAD service providers in Melbourne we can recommend you.

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