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Expert engineers at Zeal take minimal amount of time required for a project but never sacrifice quality for speed.


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Using latest software’s for CAD design and state of the art technology for 3D Scanning and 3D Printing speed up the process and ensure high quality results.

Mining Industry 3D Design Services Australia

The mining industry involves the extraction of ores, fossil fuels, minerals, stone, clay, gravel, and similar commodities. It creates wealth from this extraction of nonrenewable resources from land and sea.CAD data for mining provides great support in project development and planning. Laser scanning technology has aided exploration and operations in the mining industry.

We offer the use of advanced software by expert engineers. Quick turnaround time has ensured Australian industry leaders are our clients. Intuitive 3D product design and development solutions from Zeal ensure greater accuracy, design integrity and rapid modifications. The multi-pronged process of conceptualizing, creating, validating, communicating, managing and transforming ideas into designs have been streamlined for your convenience.

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Our designers provide you with an accurate, fully functional 3D representation of your project through services like 3D CAD drafting, 3D scanning, and 3D modelling(Image to 3D conversion). Using remarkably advanced programs like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Ansys we help you create and test your designs in real-world simulations.

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3D Scanning for Mining Industry

Zeal 3D scanning makes use of laser scanners to ensure data accuracy and benefits in complex jobs like shaft sinking and development haulages.3D CAD modelinglets youdesign 3D geological models, mine design and production planning solutions.

3D scanning service from zeal can help to do modification in standard spare parts according to requirement, it also saves time and cost compared to traditional reverse engineering process.

Lightweight and cost-effective laser scanners offered by Zeal can be fitted into remote-controlled copters or vehicles. These may then be used to gather accurate information and views of pit walls, stockpiles, drifts (underground) etc. without risking people’s lives.Geospatial scanning has proven to be a life saver in mining (case in point, the rescue operation in Chile of miners trapped underground). Use Zeal 3D scanning services for monitoring topography in order to execute real-time updates and modifications to your projects.

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3D Printing

Zeal 3D printing offers you a cost-effective way toget high wear resistant spare part of equipment’s like dozer, dumper, trucks, wheel loaders, etc.3D Printing is set to revolutionize the spare part production for mining companies.also it allows to do customisation according to the specific requirement, Zeal 3D printing have in house capability of 3d printing in number of metals. Mining companies can now have better hold on supply chain management due to faster turnaround in spare parts supply from zeal.

3D Printed topographic map:

3D Printed models of mining field gives better idea about the details in topology and geological conditions rather than traditional 2D maps.The models are helpful to for better understanding of mining operations

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