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More than 10 years experience across various design and engineering industries.


Faster Turnaround

Expert engineers at Zeal take minimal amount of time required for a project but never sacrifice quality for speed.


Industrial Solutions

From concept and product design to large scale manufacturing, we can handle the whole thing.


Latest Softwares & Technologies

Using latest software’s for CAD design and state of the art technology for 3D Scanning and 3D Printing speed up the process and ensure high quality results.

Automotive Industry Design Services

Computer-Aided Design (CAD) is an easy and precise tool for designing and modelling products. The market for CAD in automotive industry is predicted to grow owing to the extensive usage of tooling and rapid prototyping that enable engineers apply multiple light sources, render designs from any angle and rotate objects in three dimensions.CAD helps to reduce maintenance and repair costs, while also expediting the production process, thus saving on time and resources. Zeal has more than 10 years of experience in automobile sector. We offer Industrial and product design, 3D scanning, 3D printing and Augmented Reality services.

Industrial and Product design services

Our engineering services are designed to help you achieve perfection in ideation in order to meet your expectations. Save yourself the hassle of extensive rewords and a prolonged production process. Get your designs looked over by an engineer from the beginning.

Hire our expert team of automotive design engineers if you are looking for accurate and utilitarian 3D representations. We will have your projects ready for use in the real world in no time! with our services like 2D drafting, 2D to 3D conversion, 3D modelling, 3D rendering and FEA analysis. Using incredible programs like AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Ansys we can help you to create and test it in real-world simulations.

industrial and product design
3D Scanning

3D Scanning services for Automobile Industry

Zeal has a strong record of providing excellent service to our clients in the automotive industries. Consider the necessity of evaluating the quality of first-out parts. While such a process can take more than a hundred-man hours using conventional techniques such as manual measurement, the 3D scanning services by Zeal can finish such evaluations much quicker or in case of a crash test instead of eyeballing the results of impact testing on vehicle. We will provide your designers with accurate information of test results.

3D scanning applications have become invaluable in the aftermarket automotive parts industry. In the absence of readily-available CAD services, use Zeal’s reverse engineering services for highly accurate CAD models from existing automotive parts. We can deliver the required output in any desired format.

Digital Manufacturing -3D Printing

Use 3D printing to achieve significant reductions in costs and time invested in prototyping and manufacturing of parts that are functional and durable. Remove the need for tooling and assembly altogether. Design automotive parts with complex geometries using our 3D printing technology.

With our industrial high resolution 3D printers , you can improve responsiveness and reduce costs for prototyping , small batch production and customer part production.

We have number of materials available in plastic 3D printing and Metal 3D Printing for more information please visit or contact us.

3d printing
Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality for Automobile Industry

Automotive engineers and designers can benefit meaningfully from augmented reality at their manufacturing plants and R&D labs.Adaptable and interactive up-to-date AR instructions and guides are replacing long and complex manuals. Vehicle manufacturing employees receive step-by-step manuals and interactive guidelines superimposed onto the assembly line. AR plays a crucial role in a vehicle’s design phase. It gives the manufacturers the added advantage of making their automobile products better and perfect.When it comes to the manufacturing or maintenance of vehicles, augmented reality also comes in handy to make the training process more efficient, faster, and automated.

Augmented Reality is driving the automotive industry by providing incredible customer experienceIt’s literally bringing the automotive showroom on a platter to the customer, enabling the engineer to visualize concepts in a different and more effective way.


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