Industrial Benefits of Finite Element Analysis

Industrial products require scores of designing, testing, and modification before they could be brought to the market. The traditional methods for this were tedious and time-consuming. There was an also no guarantee of success due to inadequacy of designing tools. When CAD software came into the industrial scene, the designing and manufacturing process were streamlined to a greater extent. The CAD environment also achieved a boost due to the advances in the finite element analysis process. Together with CAD/CAM services and Finite Element Analysis, tons of mechanical engineering problems became possible to solve in a timely and cost-effective manner. No wonder finite element analysis services are catching up with the industrial sector.

Finite Element Analysis

FEA (Finite Element Analysis) is a computer-based program built on the concept of the vector science applications through mathematics, science, and engineering. The software helps designers and engineers to study a material or object in depth and determine how internal and external forces such as physical pressure, heat, vibration, and fluid flow will impact the materials or design. Based on the analysis, the points of weaknesses in the design are rectified before the object is manufactured. The purpose of FEA is to ascertain whether the model will function or break or the design will work for the intended purpose. It is the most sure-shot method to identify and correct failure and errors in design. In short, it is used to verify, validate design, eradicate errors, and improve performance of the product.


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How FEA Works

 FEA process is applied to study the dynamics and kinetics of a solid structure or object. It helps in determining the strength of a structure and its behavioral pattern when subjected to stress, physical forces, deflection, and vibration. It is best for material science and engineering and for examining the behaviors of materials on all types of scale. To apply FEA, a model of the subject structure is essential. That’s where CAD drafting services becomes necessary. It starts with breaking down mathematical and physical complexities of the structure into smaller and manageable sections. These sections define the material properties of its specific local domain. By slicing the structure into smaller and smaller mathematical calculations, the engineers gain an insight on how the large structure will behave when exposed to internal and external pressure.

 Industrial Benefits of Finite Element Analysis

FEA is an effective method to solve partial differential equations for a complicated shape which is not possible through traditional analysis. It is helpful in assessing how the product or part will behave against mechanical stress, mechanical vibration, fluid flow, heat transfer, motion, fatigue, and electrostatics.

Optimum Accuracy

With FEA process, designers and engineers can create a model by incorporating all the material parameters in use. The model helps to study physical stresses on an individual part and increase the chances of material accuracy during the designing process.

Improved Design

Since industrial products are exposed to all types of mechanical and physical stress, there was a need to design an entire system instead of just focusing on separate piece parts. FEA provides that advantage to calculate stress on materials individually and separately.

Virtual Prototyping

Prototypes of actual parts are generally time-consuming, difficult, and inaccurate. With FEA simulators, engineers can create models of different designs, and materials in practically fewer hours.

Faster and inexpensive design cycle

The need for repeating design process has reduced greatly with FEA simulations. There is also no need to alter manufacturing schedules and rely on machine shop. Every new design can be tested virtually in hours.

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