Importance of Quality Control for CAD Drawing

A technical drawing is a foremost requirement for manufacturing a machine or a part in metal or plastic. If not accurate, it jeopardizes the outcome and eventually results in loss of time and money. Therefore, quality control for CAD drawing is a must. Every CAD service provider must have a quality control program. The following are the importance of quality control for CAD drawing.

Testing and inspection

Quality control for CAD drawings must focus on inspection and testing. Though these two procedures are performed manually with the use of equipment or testing apparatus, computer-aided inspection, and computer-aided testing have to be performed using the latest and advanced CAD programs. The basis of CAD drawing services has to be an improvement in the quality of product, and reduction in the manufacturing lead times.

Testing of Cad Drawing - Zeal Cad Services


The most important thing about CAD drawing for manufacturing parts is ease in prototyping. With the help of advanced CAD software, mechanical engineers can view the graphical presentation of a product with proper functions. The presentation can be in 2D and 3D. The simulation feature in the CAD software also provides a facility to analyze if the product functions as expected or whether the drawing needs some correction before taking up manufacturing. The mechanical drafting services can also help in assessing the life-span of a product and delivering client’s demands within an expected time frame.

Prototyping of Cad Drawing - Zeal Cad Services

Integrated quality control and manufacturing

In a traditional manufacturing method, quality control of a product is done by a separate department that performs inspection and testing. But in computer-aided quality control, inspection and manufacturing process can be integrated along with the production line. The computerized process inspects and tests the product there itself. And since the need to shift or move the product to a quality control department is eliminated, the manufacturing process is quicker.

Quality Assurance in CAD Services

Limited manual intervention

Traditional manufacturing method involves manual intervention since the product to be inspected requires placing it on an inspection desk. With computer-aided quality control, the inspection process is handled by non-contact sensors. That means products are inspected without actually touching it. The non-contact sensors placed in the production line inspect a product in a fraction of sections. So with effective quality control procedure, drafting services can help original equipment manufacturers improve design and productivity.

Researching Process

Proficient quality control system for CAD drawing can help manufacturers in prototyping and determining if the drawing is good for taking production or needs some tweaking. It could also help in speeding the manufacturing process.

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