Impact of Finite Element Analysis in Drafting

Development of any engineering product, be it for individuals’ or companies’ use revolves around CAD. Before the product is introduced in the market, it has to go through some engineering analysis processes. One of these is finite element analysis that involves testing functionality of the designed object based on several parameters such as endurance to wear and tear, heat transfer, liquid flow, weight management, stress management, etc. In short finite element analysis is conducted to determine the dynamic behavior of the CAD model.


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Why FEA is needed

FEA is needed in multiple instances where studying the impact of weight, corrosion, friction, etc. on a machine part, or any other product such as helmet, tool, or an electronic gadget is required. It is also useful in predicting damage that can be caused due to corrosion, calculating nip load on the machine framework, and resolving various design issues in products. It is performed on a three-dimensional model built with infinite nodes and linked to a complex mesh. To create the model for FEA, take drafting services from a CAD design engineering company.

Improved product quality

FEA is the best option when it comes to solving complex problems and manufacturing quality products. It is the most reliable and efficient tool to ensure continuous production, zero downtime, and improved product quality thereby contributing for the profitability of the business. Besides these, one of the main benefits of FEA is the feasibility to identify flaws in designs and make changes as required at the early stage. The result of FEA however will depend on the data entered during drafting. This requires experience and hand-on knowledge, which is possible only with efficient 3D cad modeling services.

FEA and Mechanical Design

Mechanical products need testing to ascertain their real-world behavior when subjected to diverse conditions. FEA offers a huge advantage in this regard. It helps in enhancing design concepts and making changes easily before it is finalized. When the CAD model is developed, product engineers can evaluate the details with FEA. This saves a lot of time, resources, and the number of prototypes required. FEA techniques when integrated with mechanical drafting services helps solve a gamut of problems for mechanical equipment manufacturers, and design consultants. By using the advanced software, FEA methods can deliver comprehensive and accurate analysis of diverse physical and functional details of materials, products, and 3D CAD designs.

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