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If you are into construction business, you can easily reckon with the importance of planning and designing for infrastructure projects. These two stages when handled efficiently, construction of commercial, residential, and industrial project can surely see the success. For planning, designing, and constructing any infrastructure projects, you can consider the expertise of Zeal CAD Services. We are experienced in managing civil engineering works and have excellent track records in these regards.

Our civil engineers and civil CAD drafters are experts in planning infrastructure design concepts. We are the best in Australia when it comes to structural engineering. From steel detailing to rebar and precast detailing, we outshine any company offering civil engineering services. In fact, we are the most approached outsourcing solution provider for civil or structural engineering services. If any construction companies look for civil engineering work expertise for their projects, they approach us for civil engineering recruitment.

Civil Engineer Recruitment - Zeal CAD

Our Services

Our structural engineering services encompass everything from designing, drafting, detailing, and schematic layout diagrams. So when there is a need for hiring structural engineers, we can provide comprehensive services for your construction projects. Major services offered by us include:

Paper to CAD Conversion

Since “Go Green” slogan is being heard everywhere, it makes sense in going paperless. When you hire civil engineers from us, we can help you convert your paper drawings into CAD files. With this type of digitization services, you can preserve, edit, and re-use the design whenever required. Our civil CAD drafters are experts in converting paper drawings or hand-sketches into CAD.

Construction Drawings Services

Great precision is required in construction drawings to build a solid, functional, and aesthetic structure. Accuracy in drawings will also help in saving construction time and protect lives of the users. We have advanced technology backed with national, and global talents to create accurate drawings, and offer effective solutions for construction process. Our proficiency in AutoCAD and Revit helps us in meeting the Building Code of Australia. So whether your need any presentation and site plan drawings, construction approval drawings, master plan drawings, or steel construction drawings, our experts can handle it with ease.

Land Development Design Services

Environment-friendly and aesthetic landscape development is the modern-day construction mantra. Having worked on major national and international sites, we have raised the bar for land development design services in Australia. We are knowledgeable about local regulatory norms and apply the best practice for landscape development. When you associate with us for  structural engineer recruitment, our experts will offer these services:

  • Analysis of site and geographical features
  • Feasibility studies
  • Landscape drafting
  • Landscape design
  • Residential, commercial, and industrial site development designs
  • Storm water management
  • Retail projects

Outsource landscape design services to Zeal CAD Services

Our landscape drafting competencies have touched the apex of technological brilliance. We offer bespoke landscape solutions to clients. Our experts are licensed professionals with global exposure. They are specialist in landscape architecture domain and can perform critical analysis of site and prepare site plans confidently. Hire us for detailed engineering CAD services.

HVAC Design Services

Our HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) design services for civil contractors, architects, and builders are offered using advanced tools and technologies. Our experts are capable of meeting HVAC design codes. We guarantee high-quality design as per Australian drawing standards. Our drafters are proficient in planning and designing plumbing, electrical, schematics, and control diagrams. Be it any construction project, our HVAC system will meet guidelines set by the local municipal.

Local Civil Engineering Outsourcing:

  1. Efficient, safe, reliable, and cost-effective civil engineering services
  2. Rates :- From $40/hour + GST onwards
  3. NDA Copyright agreement
  4. Physical communication and On-site Support
  5. Hire part time or Full time candidate
  6. Fixed Term contract with 1 month Notice

For a comprehensive and detail civil engineering services, call us at 1300 719 729 or mail at info@zcads.com.au. and be sure about your project success.

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