4 tips to use cad service in the fashion industry

CAD or Computer Aided Design is one of the phenomenal technological advancements which has played wonders in the design and manufacturing niche. There is no such industry which is left untouched by this amazing piece of power packed computer software. Whether it’s automation industry, construction industry, aerospace, cartography, the CAD makes the job easier and more accurate.

Apart from all these prominent industrial domains, there is one such industry which is being highly influenced by cad services is the fashion industry. Many fashion designers have opted CAD for their design helping hand. You may be thinking why the fashion industry uses such software?

There are tons of actual benefits like visualising the actual fibre cuttings and designs experiments without doing it in reality. It not only saves the money of designers but also saves time and labour.

CAD drawing services offer tons of experimenting ideas to try on clothes. Let’s have a look at four most amazing tips to use CAD services in the fashion industry:

  1. Use CAD to design minimalist fashion jewellery:

As we all know designing a piece of jewellery is not a child play, it requires excellent creative approach, impeccable drawing skills and seamless understanding of jewels. Anyone can take the help of CAD to design the jewellery and to implement a full-fledged 360 degrees 3d architecture of the jewellery to try limitless combinations. There are many software like RhinoGold, Matrix, Firestorm, Blender and many to bring ultimate perfection in jewellery designing.

Jewelry cad design

  1. Use of CAD in footwear designing:

Another fashion industry which can utilise the CAD drawing services tips is the footwear industry. CAD can help in designing footwear, and it’s accessories in a modular approach with cad multi-layer feature. Many big companies like Adidas, Reebok and many other luxury brands are using this technology to manufacture more comfortable, durable and more appealing footwear.

Cad in Footwear Design

  1. Watch Designing:

CAD has helped watchmakers in the real deal. With the use of advanced drawing and cad drafting services & tools and tips, brands are now making more sophisticated timepieces whose designs are just out of the world. Mechanical watches are the best examples of CAD designs.

cad design of watch

  1. Makeup Texture Designing:

Surprisingly true! Many fashion enthusiasts are using CAD to try various makeup patterns which will match up with their outfits. It helps the creators and makeup artists to experiment with amazing makeup patterns.

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