Five Latest Trends in CAD Technology

CAD (Computer Aided Designing) along with computer technology is changing the industrial scene across several sectors. It is offering ease and flexibility in creating 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional objects and giving infrastructure investments the right momentum and direction. No wonder CAD users across the world are estimated to have crossed the surprising figure of 22 million. A reputed CAD drafting company Australia is witnessing a significant increase in CAD users and these five latest trends in CAD technology.

Hiring engineering skills

Since CAD technology has enabled in overcoming major challenges faced by all types of industries, particularly in engineering sector, there has been a growing trend of availing CAD outsourcing services worldwide. CAD companies in Australia and worldwide are offering efficient, fast, and cost-effective CAD drafting services. This is helping industries to focus comfortably on other aspects of design & development.

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New & emerging design in engineering sector

Students worldwide are taking exceptional interest in CAD technology. Their ability to think and bring in new ideas in design and development is changing the dimension of market. The advanced computing skill they use for computer-aided analysis or computer-aided manufacturing is compelling organizations to brace themselves with advanced CAD technology.

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Integrated software

While 2D technology had some limitations, the need to render and view object in 3D was surging. This fueled the demand for an advanced 3D software that is integrated with CAD drafting tools. And as the cost of computer peripherals like scanners and printers starts dropping, 3D CAD drawing services  have become the rage. But since 3D software is a new technology, the skills to use it confined to only a few. So before outsourcing, check if the  CAD service provider has three-dimensional modeling skills.

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3D printed buildings

One of the most intriguing trends in CAD technology is 3D printed buildings. It has become possible to design and construct building components using 3D printers. But before that, a 3D model is needed to be created using CAD technology. Since 3D printed buildings are fast to construct, cost-effective, durable, environment-friendly, and accurate, 3D printing technology is catching up with construction industry.

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IoT (Internet of Things)

Internet has become the most powerful and reliable medium to stay connected with anything that is part of our personal and professional lives. So the trend to build a strong network and integrate sensors into objects connecting with the internet for use on the go is trending. With devices connected to the internet, offering real-time service to consumer is quite feasible. This has also fanned the need to integrate IoT with CAD services.

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