Construction Services 

Along with the design and drafting services we also provide construction service; residential as well as commercial, that makes us the complete solution provider. Our combination of drafting services along with our attention to detail and custom craftsmanship results in tailored concepts for each customer. Our team approach combines expertise, management and exceptional results.
Our construction Services include:
– Driveway
– Fencing
– Landscaping / Tree Planting
– Retaining wall
– Brick Paving


Your driveway is often the first thing a visitor sees when arriving at your home or business so a quality Concrete driveway says more about your than any other landscaping project. A new concrete driveway can provide you with additional car parking or hard-standing for caravans or trailers. No matter what age your property a properly constructed Concrete driveway will improve its look and feel and give it added ‘curb appeal’.
Concrete driveway construction is a specialized business and if you want your drive to last for years to come it’s important to use a professional business with a proven record of building and maintaining concrete driveways – and that’s where we come in.
Zeal CAD have been trading for over many years and offer a complete concrete driveway construction service, from helping you select the right choice of concrete and edging material, installing manhole covers and/or drainage gullies as required and laying sub-base and finally the finished concrete driveway surface itself.
Quick glance at construction procedure:
All the construction area will be excavated and removed to a minimum depth of 250mm. Sometimes the driveway will require drainage, if so this will be laid and connected to remove surface water from the new driveway.
A Geo- textile membrane is then laid over the excavated area to separate the sub soils from the aggregate to stop them mixing it also aids drainage and prevents weed growth.
The excavated area will then be infilled with a minimum of 175mm of type 1 aggregate stone and compacted.
All the area is then covered with sharp grit sand then compacted and screed leveled to the required height and concrete layer is laid on it.

So if you are looking for a driveway, do contact us for the best service.

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A Fence around your property gives you added benefits of security to your home and the privacy needed to relax around your garden. At Zeal CAD we listen to your requirements and deliver our expertise. The preparation is the most important part so we make sure that this is done right the first time. If there is existing fencing this will be removed and cleared away from construction area to prevent any hazards. We will then pull a line through from the start of the new fence to the finish point. We then excavate the holes to a depth of 600mm /2feet and erect the first and last post to the required heights, these are usually concrete but wooden can be used if required.
All the holes will then be infilled with a concrete mixture to secure the posts firmly in the ground making sure that the fence posts are standing upright plum by using a spirit level or post level and tamp the concrete around the posts.Then excavate the remaining holes every 1.80 meters apart 6ft depending on your chosen Fencing for example feather edge vertical board fence panels.Each post will be secured using the same method as the first and last post. As each fence post is erected a gravel board will be fixed between the the fence posts these are usually a precast concrete but wooden can be fixed if required, this is so the fence panel is not sitting directly on the ground and will prevent wood rot. Any debris will be cleared away from the site area and leave posts to cure overnight.
On the next day we will check all posts are secured correctly and in line and then slide the Fence Panels between the concrete slotted posts or screw fix to the wooden fence posts. We also install closed board vertical fencing the process is the same as other Fencing with the erection of the posts and gravel boards; the difference is each rail usually 3 between the posts is screw fixed and then each feather edge fence board is individually screw fixed to the rails to form the required fencing.

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