Cad Outsourcing Services in Melbourne

Looking for the best brains to support your architectural, automotive, and mechanical engineering projects in low cost, high quality, and in expected turnaround time? Zeal CAD services is the solutions to all your needs. We have been serving reputed and major industries of Australia for long. We are among the largest and the best AutoCAD outsourcing companies in the world.

Our reputation in providing cost-effective, reliable, and high-quality CAD outsourcing services to clients has helped industries finished off projects in time. Our team consists of experienced mechanical engineers, civil engineers, architects, structural engineers, drafters, and AutoCAD technicians. We hold a high degree of expertise in working with all the latest and advanced CAD packages, including Solidworks software.

Partnering with Zeal CAD Services, you can leverage the talents of well-educated and experienced CAD designers without the headaches of hiring staff. Very simply, Zeal CAD Services makes CAD outsourcing and drafting outsourcing an easy task for you so that you can grow your business effortlessly.

Our extensive scope of virtual development and computational scrutiny results are expected to offer you to help with managing and executing projects proficiently finishing them on time. With this, we make projects conversions into higher profits for ventures. We combine the capabilities of advanced software tools and cutting edge technologies with wide-ranging experience of our specialists to help you optimize designs and improve processes; consequently initiate higher productivity, enhanced performance, lean manufacturing and ease of operations to steer your projects towards profitable outcomes.

We consolidate the abilities to cut edge software tools and latest technologies with a wide range of experienced experts to help you with optimizing designs and enhance process; in this way, as AutoCAD outsourcing companies, we present higher profitability, better performance, lean manufacturing, and simple operations to guide your projects towards profitable results.

We Offer Following Outsource Drafting Services:

Our Rates:-

  • $42/hour for Short term Projects (2-6 Months)
  • $38/Hour for Long term Projects (1-2 Year)
  • $36/Hour for Full-time position


  1. Direct control on a project using Skype and other VOIP services
  2. Dedicated staff and Project manager
  3. Local support in Melbourne for Initial setup up-till 2 months
  4. Additional QC from Overseas team
  5. Working as per Australian time and Fluent English for better communication

Software’s Including

  • Solid-works

Why us for Solidworks? Zeal Cad Services has the mechanical aptitude to handle complex mechanical engineering projects. When accuracy, speed, and legibility are a concern, nothing can compare ease, flexibility, and quality that Solidworks 3D mechanical CAD program offers. As an experienced Solid-work service provider, we help clients to visualize mechanical drawings in 3D. Besides, we also provide Solid-work conversion service. For aerospace, automotive, tools and equipment, and general mechanical products, we can convert 2D drawings to Solid-work in any format for building 3D CAD models. Whether it is sheet metal drawing, part and assembly drawings, or modular equipment drawing, we are proficient in converting any paper sketch into Solidworks. We also convert your existing 2D files into accessible Solidwork formats. Our team is capable of visualizing your concept and delivering it in the required formats.

  • Auto-CAD

Zeal CAD Services is a reputed company for offering CAD drafting and CAD designing services along with other AutoCAD outsourcing companies. We are stationed in Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, and Toledo, USA. We offer total support for any types of projects from architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, and structural detailing. Our expertise in AutoCAD drafting service can help you turn any ideas into reality. Our state-of-the-art design and drafting center offers precise and cost-effective drawing deliverables. We can work on any rough sketch and can visualize design based on your requirements. Our team of drafters, engineers, and designers are proficient in providing drawing deliverables in any required formats such as tiff, pdf, jpg, and dwg.

And other software like:

  • Inventor
  • 3DS Max
  • Revit
  • Sketchup

You get quality staff without having to hire, fire, manage or train. Quick ramp-up and easy, real-time access to talent, without overhead, will keep you on time and on budget… every project, every time. Zeal CAD Services offers hourly solutions to entire project staffing. We specialize in remodeling, resizing and scaling of existing CAD drawings and designs of parts & assemblies.

Our company was founded with the purpose and commitment of offering the best engineering solutions using CAD / CAM /CAE. Our team engineering graduates have experience ranging from General Engineering Industry to High-tech industry segments like Automobiles. This is the reason why we are the first choice when it comes to choosing the best cad outsourcing Melbourne company.

Offshore collaboration

We provide 2D CAD Drawing & Drafting services for Mechanical Engineers, Process Engineers, Manufacturers, Fabricators, and Designers & Consultants all over the Globe. We understand that the only thing that restrains clients from procuring Autocad service is the budget. Therefore, we have kept our rates much lower than other service providers in Australia. To offer you quality at low cost, we have even collaborated with the best offshore talent. You can easily avail services of CAD drafting India and You can outsource cad services to India with us. The deliverables from CAD services India is double-checked at our design studio. This means affordability and professional services are within your reach.

Imagine lowering your operating costs and improving your bottom line. Zeal CAD Services makes it possible.

We know the secret to scalable CAD production and are successfully serving Mechanical and engineering firms across Australia. We’re so confident in our abilities to serve you seamlessly and cost-effectively, that we’re inviting you to try us for your project. See for yourself how Zeal CAD Services will eliminate your concerns about cad services outsourcing. “Our resources Your results”.

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Local OutsourcingOverseas Outsourcing
CAD Services Rendering Engineering 3D PrintingCAD Services Rendering Engineering Manufacturing Call Centre Virtual assistance
Rates :- From $40/hour + GST onwardsRates :- From $10/hour onwards
NDA Copyright agreementNDA Copyright agreement
Physical communication and On-site SupportOff-site support SKYPE or team-viewer
Hire part-time or Full-time candidateHire part-time or Full-time candidate
Fixed Term contract with 1 month NoticeVariable Term contract with 10days Notice
No-SubcontractingNo-Subcontracting all work at our office
AS per Aust timeframes and standards
Fluent English communication


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