CAD Impact on Automotive Product Design

Automotive product design and development is a lot more than the aesthetically pleasing end product that consumers get to see as the end product. Manufacturing in the automotive industry has gone highly digital. Thanks to CAD software, the entire process of car parts design and manufacturing has been streamlined.

In this article, we examine the top trends that are impacting the CAD market vis-à-vis the automotive industry.

Ongoing Developments in CAD Modelling

Computer modelling is guided by a set of rules that are together called CAD modelling. There are two types of CAD modelling – parametric and direct CAD modelling.

  1. Parametric modelling: This type of CAD modelling is used to define models using its dimensions, density and surface (of the material) data. Parametric modeling is a preferred choice for most designers owing to its dimension control capabilities and feature definition properties.
  2. Direct modelling: Using this type of CAD modelling, designers have greater liberty to play around with the geometry of the product. Unlike parametric modelling, designers don’t usually have to worry about dimension control and feature definition.

3d model for automotive industry

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The Utility of CAD in the Auto Industry

The use of CAD software in the automotive industry allows engineers to have more freedom to play around with their designs, cut down on costs of production and device new innovations. Seamless data management is one of the crucial contributions of CAD in the manufacturing processes of cars.

  • Machining: The significance of using CAD applications for machining purposes in auto manufacturing cannot be stressed enough. The technology has eased the production of critical car components. Here again, the extreme accuracy and flexibility of CAD designs allow for quick modifications and customizations.
  • Assembly: CAD modelling is extremely useful in this fine-tuning phase of car development. Using CAD technology, quick modifications can be carried out on the design models, without wasting time on manual redesigning and adjustments of faulty parts. Quality checks can be carried out in real-time (for example, tolerance test).


The image used for illustration purposes. Zeal CAD is not the owner or creator of the image.

Outsource Your CAD Requirements

Investments in CAD can become considerably high when the various elements are taken into account (licenses, advanced software and the experts to run them).

Outsourcing your CAD requirements serves the dual purpose of getting the job done perfectly without you have to break a sweat on escalating costs!

  • Outsource to a CAD drafting service and avail options to scale the service as per fluctuating market demands.
  • CAD services come with varied options, based on your specific project requirement. This flexibility is often absent in in-house CAD setups.
  • Lower your cost of operation by outsourcing your CAD requirements.

Product designing for automotive industry

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CAD Helps Manage Tolerance

Car parts have to undergo rigorous tolerance testing and effective tolerance management can be the difference between huge profits and damaging losses for car manufacturers. Using tolerance compatible CAD software, leading automobile manufacturers are undertaking tolerance analysis on components and assemblies.

CAD software can be employed to check for design flaws if any on any part of the car, whether safety features or entertainment features different functional components and so on.

The impact of CAD in the automobile industry is becoming decisive and critical for those companies seeking to always stay ahead of the competition. The technology is enabling even small and medium-sized businesses to take on the industry giants.

Image Disclaimer: The images are using for illustration purposes. Zeal CAD is not the owner of the image.
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