Are Design Engineers Aware of All the Essentials?

There are ‘n’ numbers of objects in the world that elaborately define the principles of engineering design. Whether it is the world’s tallest, shortest, heaviest, or lightest object, the skills of design engineers have made it possible. With their skills, design engineers can translate any concepts or ideas into reality. But sometimes, the design or the manufactured item gets failed due to not following design essentials. Faults and variations in design are bound to happen if keen attention is not paid. Only if the design engineers are aware of all the essentials, such failure could be avoided That’s where reverse engineering services become necessary to avail.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering involves the process of scanning an object to capture its surface dimensions in three dimensions. The scanned data is then used for creating 3D CAD model. Reverse engineering is best to administer when you want to duplicate the object with exact dimensions or make changes in the design. It not only frees the design engineers from resorting to the old and traditional methods of capturing dimensions with calipers but also delivers fast and accurate results. Laser scanning or CMM techniques help to capture complex details of the object which is impossible with calipers. Scanning helps in collecting cloud points that are used for generating 3D CAD models. Once the CAD model is ready, inspection and verification are performed against the cloud points to determine accuracy. If you don’t own one, get 3D CAD drawing services.


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Deviation Analysis

Deviation analysis is performed using the computer-aided technique to check the difference between the 3D model and the original design. Necessary changes are applied if deviation is found. Using the deviation analysis method, design engineers are able to produce accurate results fast. But to obtain them, it is necessary that the 3D scanning process is performed correctly. A high-resolution 3D scanner is the best to measure the surface dimension of the object. What the laser scanner can produce is impossible to achieve by the traditional methods. The best advantage of 3D CAD models is the ease in determining suitable CNC machining for Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Product Lifecycle Management. An experienced vendor of CAD drawing services can perform accurate deviation analysis to ascertain accuracy in CAD models.


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If you are not aware of these design essentials, contact Zeal CAD Services, The design process, new technology, and approaches that they follow produce desired outcomes. They work with advanced engineering design tools and are reputed for 3D scanning services in Melbourne.

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