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Zeal CAD Services is the pioneer in the world of 3d scanning services and the 3d printing services. We are in this futuristic and amazing business from 2 decades now and still innovating from the core of 3d printing technology. We take proud of completing numerous complex and challenging projects of our prestigious blue-chip clients.

Zeal is the only name you will hear when it comes to the best in class CAD contractors in entire Australia. We are located in the multiple regions of the country including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. The thing which makes us so special is the attention to detail you will find in every edge, every angle and every crest and trough of the products manufactured by our seasoned and experienced craftsmen and innovative engineers.

We have covered and mastered every aspect and entity of the 3d printing niche. We offer tons of services to cater to your every need by utilising the full potential of the latest cutting-edge technologies and machines. We are creating a new sky of imagination and implementation of the magnificent masterpieces in front of the world.

We offer you a ton of services to turn your imagination and idea into a real world 3d physical objects. That’s the power of this advanced technology. We bring you following technologically advanced services to cater your every tiny and tremendously big dream projects.

How we work

Our mission

Our world-class services will allow you to:

  • Cut the hours spent on production, without compromising on revenue generation
  • Cut down on production costs without compromising on quality
  • Establish and maintain a high-paying clientele
  • Get more done in less time
  • Easily transform your business into an automated one.

CAD Services

When the CAD services are concerned, there is no one better than Zeal, we bet!! We offer every CAD service which you will ever imagine. We offer 3D CAD modelling, Finite Element Analysis Services, 3D designing services, Mechanical Drafting Services, Reverse Engineering process and implementations, industrial product designing, 3D CAD design services, 3D Cad Drawing Services, 3d cad models development and much more. The list is never-ending, we are ready to implement your dream into reality with our advanced technologies.

3D Scanning Services

Zeal CAD Services is one of the leaders of 3d scanning in the world. We are master in scanning the objects and printing out the 3D avatar of that. Zeal CAD Services utilises the ultra-modern light scanners and laser scanners to scan the object from every angle and tangent. We leverage the Energy CAD, Range 7 and Vivid 9i 3D laser scanners for performing the scanning of objects and design the object as per your requirements.

3D Printing Services

We print your models in 3d with an ultimate level of perfection and utmost detailing. We are well known for our rapid fast prototyping of objects and turning any model into a physical presentable 3d object. From a designer cup to your dream house, from your high tech science fiction object to real-world complex architectural structures, we do everything for transforming your dream sigma into a wonderful and stunning reality.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality software development is a technology-based method where a set of computer-generated information that produces the real-time feeling of an environment where the concerned object actually exists.AR works by employing computerized simulation and techniques such as image and speech recognition, animation, head-mounted and hand-held devices and powered display environments to add a virtual display on top of real images and surroundings.Augmented reality has many different implementation models and applications, but its primary objective is to provide a rich audio-visual experience.

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