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We understand that our clients always want to develop effective methods to reduce the cycle time of product design. We help companies automate their design process by creating a “model” of parts and assemblies, which reduces the product design cycle considerably.

You can expect to save time and money while achieving a competitive advantage in your industry.

Legacy CAD database migration is not an automated process. Models must be created or rebuilt including step by step design intent.

Now you have a chance to have these converted data to your CAD software of choice at a price you can afford, and within that is realistic.

At Zeal Cad Services engineers can take your product from drawings on paper with the 3D modelling solutions for manufacturing, while your engineers continue to focus on current projects.

  • The model and design are maintainable and modifiable by anyone other than the original modeller.
  • The model is robust in terms of downstream uses: meetings, detailing, analysis, manufacturing and Manual.

3D drawings have a role to play when it comes to engineering drawings. Designing in 3D is much faster than traditional 2D drawings, which allow an engineer to devote more time to design activities rather than spending time writing.

Using 3D solid modelling engineers can produce geometric precision “virtual prototype” that is used throughout the product development cycle, manufacturing and assembly activities. 3D models allow engineers to study cross-sectional views of various machine parts and determination of parametric relationships between the parties.

This is very important because it helps maintain the necessary clearances and tolerances of assembly parts at the assembly if they are not sorted at design phase is very costly at the time of production. Once the solid model is made of other experiments can be performed by CAE simulating these models in a real environment.

Industrial / Product Design Concept:

design_conceptEngineering design is an important phase of the development process, in which the quick capture of the idea is paramount.

Design is the explicit construction of ideas or concepts to visualize a product and for other designs to evolve. We take your product from concept to reality. Based on customer specifications, we will evaluate and develop many concepts that best suited their needs. Product costs, time to market and quality product are our main concerns. Our design process includes the concept 3D visualization digital layout for studies of the package.

Industrial / Product Design Concept

numbering_systemEstablishment of a numbering system is of major importance to internal monitoring of the drawings in CLIENT, also for the design in the CAD environment.

Because of the associatively of CAD software files, unique names must be assigned to parts, assemblies, drawings, instances of family table, etc.

Access to the database can be controlled by setting access permissions to files. Version history is automatically followed that includes the date of the change, the user who made the change and a host of other information that can be tracked.

Our engineering services include design support:

  • Pipe-designs for water treatment projects
  • Chassis design for automobile industry
  • Architectural designs for civil industry
  • Electrical wiring diagrams
  • Electronic circuit board diagrams
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic design with flow charts
  • Furniture CAD drawings
  • Steel and Sheet metal fabrication with bill of materials
  • Machine Design with functional prototype model
  • Conversion from paper to CAD
  • Structural analysis, design assistance and details
  • Modeling 2D and 3D modeling
  • Support HVAC layout and details
  • Support the design and mechanical layout detailing
  • Material Handling equipment and machinery design
  • Motorhome and caravan manufacturing
Existing data and drawing conversion

drawingOur staff to convert paper drawings 2D 3D models and associated drawings. 3D CAD modeling services are extremely useful in combining data and eliminating redundant data after the conversion of paper drawings or electronic data from one CAD system to a client specific CAD system.

Conceptual design

conceptual designOur staff to Through this process our designers to create an abstraction of the 3D model of a product.

After receiving sufficient information from the client, such as pictures, sketches or parameters available to the product, our designers to create realistic computer models of free forms. These models are then tested for their functionality and other parameters defined by our client.

3D modeling CAD

3d_modellingWe specialize in the creation of fully constrained parametric models 3D solids. We also assemble in the client specific software from CAD data source.

Assembly Design

assembly_designWe use top-down, bottom-up, or Middle-out for the generation of models for parts, sub assemblies and final assemblies.