5 CAD designing challenges can be solved with Finite Element Analysis.

Designing can be fun and challenging at the same time. As we are growing with this digitally paced world, our designing requirements are getting complex and hard day by day. As we have numerous advanced designing software like CAD, but at sometimes even the CAD alone is not enough to solve the problems. But with finite element analysis, various CAD designing problems can be solved.

         1. 1 D boundary value problem

To get the exact 1d boundary value of any object on CAD is a difficult task. To calculate the value accurately, finite element analysis services are required. With FEA, the 1d equations are properly get solved, and the design is executed properly. If you need 3d scanning in Melbourne, then there are tons of options available for you.

1D geometric problem - zcads

           2. Predicting Product Nature Accurately:

This designing issue is quite common in CAD designing that the nature of the product concerning the outer environment cannot be calculated with the CAD alone. To do this, finite element analysis is required which can determine the products strength, weakness, stiffness and much more.

Finite element analysis - zcads

          3. Product Accuracy Challenge:

With finite element analysis, the product design’s accuracy can be calculated by mapping the angels together. This is an important aspect of product designing that the product must be designed accurately for further processes. Without the product’s accurate designing and prototyping, manufacturing perfection cannot be achieved. FEA lets us map product edges accurately fora stable output.

Product Accuracy - Zcads

         4. Solving the optimization challenges in CAD:

The CAD alone is not enough to design a product in an optimized manner. Optimizing the product’s design includes cutting-off futile designs, leveraging balance weight, cutting off extra weight of the product and much more. For doing such optimization, with CAD, finite element analysis is required to solve the product optimal designing problem.

Design Optimizations - Zcads

          5. Visualization of the product:

One of the biggest challenges of CAD is the product visualization issue. From the CAD alone, the product design visualization is not possible at all. To solve this issue, the finite element analysis comes under the spotlight. By FEA, the product visualization can be done throughout the main product design.

Prototyping of Cad Drawing - Zeal Cad Services

So, from the above-discussed points it is assured that without finite element analysis, the CAD designing is not completed. This powerful software can design a plethora of complex structures with it is combined with the FEA.

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