4 ways quality inspections can be done by 3d scanning

In such a cut-throat market competition, product companies can’t afford to scorn their top-notch quality. Avoiding customer satisfaction will undoubtedly lead to declining sales numbers and eventually giving up in the market. In such head-to-head competition, 3d scanning technology aids companies to advance their inspection process and churn out the best products. 

If you are jumping into 3d scanning services for upscaling your quality game, there are different ways (majorly four) by which quality inspection can be done:

1. Short-range 3d scanning

It’s a widely popular quality inspection process, and it’s optimum for scanning objects within one meter. 

In this process, the scanner can accurately define the scan data points that gather a set of information about the distance inside the field of view. As a small parts manufacturer, if you start with 3d scanning, this is a suitable method to start. 

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2. 3d scanners based on laser technology

The second method of conducting quality control with 3d scanning is with laser 3d scanners. This 3d measurement process leverages an advanced lased-dependent 3d systems process, which is based on basic trigonometric operations. 

This method functions by projecting a single or multiple laser lines over an object. It projects millions of points over the item to gather the reflection coming from the surface. Precise measurement of surface points can be done, and this method can quickly tell defects by scanning the surface level angles. If you are starting, you can contact a 3d scanning service provider to avail of this modern technology.

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3. Structured or projected light 3d scanning

This quality inspection focuses on determining the edges of the scanned 3d model to gain information about the object. 

3d scanning helps in uplifting the manufacturing process speed with its offers higher precision with the ability to throw different laser patterns onto the object. This process aids you in performing the quality audit of CAD models by projecting patterns like blocks, bars, and custom patterns.

Many companies are offering modern 3d scanning in Melbourne and other cities to help you get started. 

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4. Long and medium-range scanning

If you are into manufacturing medium or large objects, this quality inspection process will do the best for you. These come in two patterns— one is phase shift, and another is pulse-based. Both ways work efficiently for all medium and large objects. But if you need to perform quality inspection on medium-sized items, phase shift format makes more sense. 

These methods help you quickly spot the unevenness in the product quality and speed up your reverse engineering process. Automobile parts, manufacturing equipment, and industrial pumps are objects that you can efficiently scan with phase methodology. 

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