4 major challenges with finite element analysis

The Finite Element Analysis is an amazing process in which the simulation of any physical object is done by leveraging the mathematical technique known as Finite Element Method (FEM). This technique improves the product manufacturing to a greater precision.

By using the extensive finite element analysis services, optimization of product design is possible by redesigning and eliminating the flaws present in the previous prototype. All in all, this is an unskippable technique used by every industry to ensure best product quality. But this perfect technique also possesses some of the major challenges on which engineers are working.

Here are top 4 major challenges with finite element analysis:

Stress Concentration Challenge:

The FEA is not that accurate when it comes to stress concentration testing. In stress concentration, there is greater stress on the material of a very small area. These occur because of the frequent changes in equipment geometry. The stress in such areas may be greater than the yield strength of the material. However, this is not ideal when it comes to perfectly implementing the 3d mechanical drawing.

Stress direction for FEA

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Time Consuming:

This process of analyzing physical object takes too many parameters for giving the results and improvements. Finite element analysis is a complex process and requires higher time for compilation as compared with other similar methods. When comparing FEA with FEM (Finite Element Method), it is slightly slower than FEM. The complexity of this process goes up even more when it is running with other practices like 3d scanning services.

Time consuming in FEA

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FEA Needs Higher Configuration System :

This may be an issue if you want to do finite element analysis on a normal configuration system. As this process takes numerous inputs for generating different results, it demands a higher configuration system which can run multiple finite element analysis queries easily without any interruption. This may be a challenge for many who are trying to use this technique on lower configuration systems as compared to running normal AutoCAD drafting services.

Higher configuration system of FEA

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The Final Results May Varies In FEA:

This is the challenge which bothers the engineers the most. The final result after processing may vary due to various factors. The factors such as material property, the stress and fatigue property of the material and many similar factors alter the final result of the test as compared to similar other techniques. If you are also looking for efficient FEA or cad outsourcing company, you must reach to us.

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