4 Aspects to consider while doing cad designing

Computer Aided Designing is a complex practice, it not only requires skills but also requires perfect calculation and execution. As the CAD comes with a plethora of functionalities and features, as a beginner you must consider some principles so that you can use CAd efficiently and create the 3d mechanical drawing with perfection.

Here are 4 Aspects to consider while doing cad designing

  1. Choose the perfect CAD Software:

The very first and the most prominent factor for doing cad designing properly is to get an appropriate cad software. As per your work industry like machine design, jewellery design and so on, you should choose software which supports all your requirements.


  1. Dimensions and Boundaries:

While doing cad designing, the prominent aspect is the dimensions you are choosing and how you define your boundaries. If you need to break the dimension across the area, there is a built-in tool for that called Dimbreak. With the help of this, you don’t need to break the lines yourself.  Design your boundaries with polylines as it allows you to create a hatch pattern easily for calculating the area.

Cad design Dimensions

  1. Use Content Explorer

It will help you do your work productively and in a much faster way. The Search bar inside the content explorer let you search for all instances in just a snap. Find anything you require during your designing process. You don’t need to drill down into sub-menus to find anything.

This feature lets you search among various layers, designs, lines, boundaries, text and much more. It also allows you to search for any kind of text inside designs and drawings.

Content Explorer

  1. Create PDFs easily from your drawings:

Along with the functionality of creating a PDF file of your design from the dedicated button, you can also customise it according to your requirements. From the settings, you can set a specific resolution, a dedicated size for PDFs, you can also set a custom made PDF format which you can use for creating PDF files.


Bonus Tip!

For bringing the point cloud data into your AutoCAD software just hit the insert tab and index your point cloud data there. It will help you work faster, and you can perform changes to your existing designs easily.

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