3D CAD Models: The Latest Problem-Solver in Engineering Design

Computer-aided design (CAD), used to generate virtual 2D and 3D models, is specifically aimed at aiding engineers and architects. Various industries are making use of 3D CAD modeling and reverse engineering services in Australia, including video games, marketing, television and motion pictures, medical imaging, among a plethora of others.

Types of 3D CAD Modeling

Industries hire CAD engineers on contract to achieve one of three broad types of 3D CAD models.

Solid Modelling – within this type, there are two sub-categories.

  1. Parametric Modelling uses 2D sketches to create modifiable features and objects.
  2. Direct Modellingalso uses 2D sketches to create modifiable features and objects. However, it does this without using a history tree.

Surface Modelling – This is based on geometry generated on surfaces. Surface modeling can be either parametric or freeform.

Code-driven modeling is an evolving 3D modeling technique based on designer-generated conditions. This technique is best suited for generating 3D structures that are impossible to manufacture through other means.

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3D CAD Modelling: The Problem Solver

Here are some advantages of 3D modeling to help you build your case for it in front of your boss who is still reluctant to reach out to a 3D modeling service!

Superior design quality: 3D CAD models have predefined templates to choose from. This ensures accuracy in design.

Improved productivity: hire a CAD engineer on contract to enhance productivity. As 3D CAD models help the designer to visualize the final components, necessary changes can be made instantly.

Ease of documentation: a CAD service provider ensures that you never have to go through the laborious process of manual documentation of the various steps of the production process again. 3D CAD modeling is equipped with flexible documentation options.

International compatibility: 3D CAD supports BSI, ANSI, DIN, CSN, GB, ISO, and GOST drafting platforms.

Automatic redrawing: now, forget about redrawing the hidden parts of components through traditional drawing techniques. 3D CAD can automatically redraw lines and dashes, in case there are any changes in design. This also nullifies the possibility of human errors.

Less time-consuming: there remains no doubt that employing the technique of 3D CAD modeling in the design phase expedites the development process. This, in turn, quickens the pace of manufacturing.

Provides better visualization: 3D CAD modeling provides visual graphics that customers can use to better understand the features, functionality, and properties of components.

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Data backup: designers can easily back up the data on designs that are generated using 3D CAD, in case they want to refer to them at a later stage. This also helps to save time on redesigning some of the standard components.

Cost-effective: the advantage of having standard design components makes 3D CAD modeling extremely cost-effective. The designer does not have to invest further time or money to redesign the same component from scratch. In this regard, it can also be mentioned how advantageous outsourcing your 3D modeling requirements can prove to be. This saves you the added monetary costs of buying the expensive licensed modeling software.

Still, hesitating on your decision to opt for a CAD service provider? Stop thinking and start acting now!

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Image Disclaimer: The images are using for illustration purposes. Zeal CAD is not the owner of the image.
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