2D to 3D Cad Conversion: What you need to know

It’s no secret that 3D CAD designs are more superior to 2D since they offer greater details, accuracy, and easy presentation. Recreating or converting your frequently used 2D drawings in 3D is definitely a fruitful step. You can drive loads of convenience for storing, preserving, modifying, editing, and reusing CAD designs.  A reputed CAD drafting company in Melbourne can convert your architectural, structural, manufacturing, aerospace, and any 2D CAD designs to 3D. But before taking CAD outsourcing services for 2D to 3D conversion, it’s important to know certain things.

Software for 2D to 3D conversion

Industrial and other types of designs in 3D format offer several advantages. Latest and advanced software in the drafting industry have provided better tools and option for designers, drafters, and engineers. Offering or availing drafting services have become affordable because of this. Solidworks, Revit MEP, Revit Architectural, AutoCAD Plant Design Suite, 3D Max, Catia, and Cloudwork are some of the latest software engineering firms use for converting 2D drawings to 3D CAD models.

2d to 3d software conversion

Paper to CAD Conversion

If you have lots of paper drawings you still need them, then it’s possible to convert them to AutoCAD. From hand sketches, to images, scans, and pdfs, a reputed CAD service provider can create accurate drawings. Converting all types of mechanical, architectural, structural electrical, aerospace, etc. is possible adhering to international drafting standards. Converting paper drawings to AutoCAD will improve quality and production.


Better visualization & communication

No doubt 2D designing is easier and faster, but not without limitation. While technical people can understand 2D drawings, explaining them to clients and laymen is difficult. 3D designs can help your clients understand how the actual product will look and work. You can easily conceptualize and convert them easily with 3D modeling.

Cad Conversion

Accuracy is vital

When you are opting for 2D to 3D conversion, accuracy is important. While there are some challenges such as generating top view, side and top view, entire geometric view, and extrusion, following correct conversion process is vital. Even if you install the latest CAD tool, it will take time to master it. Not only the actual work would be delayed, but the quality will also deteriorate. Only CAD expert services can help in producing 3D model from 2D designs.

Testing of Cad Drawing - Zeal Cad Services

3D industrial designs facilitate rapid prototyping and production both for low and large scale. If you have already tried shifting from 2D to 3D without any success, and searching for mechanical drafting services, contact Zeal CAD Services, Melbourne. It’s a leading CAD service provider that can offer you low-cost, quality, and fast 2D to 3D conversion services.

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