Zeal CAD Services

Zeal CAD Services

Zeal CAD Services is a leading Australian 3D scanning and CAD company offering services for more than a decade. At Zeal, our experts strive to push the innovation boundaries and offer unmatched CAD design and drafting services. We are highly skilled in catering to multiple industries’ designing requirements, including automotive, mining, manufacturing, and more. We offer our industrial services in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Sydney.

Our Services

Zeal broadly covers every industrial and product designing requirement using modern technologies to deliver the best results. With advanced equipment, we offer performance-driven multifaceted solutions. Below are the essential services that we offer:

Industrial and Product Design

Be it robust drafting services, 2d to 3d conversion, or 3d visualization, Zeal has extensive experience to accomplish any complex design process and deliver quality results. Our team helps you in every phase of the designing process and achieve optimum quality.

With the support of modern designing and drafting software, we are ready to cater to your all industrial product design requirements. From configuring the style to optimizing materials and textures for an excellent end result, we take care of the entire mechanical and architecture processes.

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3D Scanning

Zeal’s experienced team leverages advanced and high-end industrials scanners for capturing intricate details and geometries with higher accuracy. From preparing 3d CAD design using reverse engineering to conducting an in-depth quality scan, we have got you covered. Take advantage of our modern laser 3d scanning services to produce 3d CAD models with shorter lead times. With our modern-technology 3d scanners, our team can accurately capture data sets of complex dimensions and shapes. Accuracy in the initial phase helps in higher-quality inspection and visualization.

FEA and CAE Services

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and Computer-aided engineering (CAE) are advanced technologies for improving its overall design and performance. Be it testing automotive engineering products or custom industrial product designing, take advantage of these advanced methods. Elevate your existing products or new design’s aesthetic value and structural performance with Zeal.

Our team improves the product’s dynamic by making accurate predictions on durability and strength factors. Get the best advanced CAD modelling services with FEA and CAE advancements. Avail faster technical approval of product designs with our services.

Digital Manufacturing – 3D Printing

Along with providing performance-driven drafting services in Australia, Zeal brings in the full range of 3d printing technology. Our team offers advanced additive manufacturing methods, including FDM, SLM, SLA, DLP and many others. Turn your complex design inspiration into a reality with Zeal 3d printing services. From manufacturing automotive parts to creating 3d figurines, our experts are always ready to offer innovative solutions. We follow a standardized industrial process to deliver high-quality end products.

Augmented Reality

Experience the best AR apps and Web AR services in the industry with Zeal. Along with innovative 3d CAD drafting services, augmented reality is also the technology of the future that will disrupt how we virtually interact. From custom AR applications to integrating Web AR facilities into an existing product, we offer everything to modernize your brand. Improve your brand communication and deliver your message with a greater impact using AR technology.

CAD Outsourcing

Get industry-leading and cost-effective CAD services in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, and Melbourne at Zeal. Outsource your CAD and 3d modelling services to professionals and expect a faster turnaround for final product completion. We are among the leading CAD outsourcing companies in Australia, and we offer both onshore and offshore services. Leverage professional CAD services to streamline your manufacturing processes.

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Zeal Industrial and product design service
industrial product design services

Industries We Serve

With a high customer retention rate, Zeal offers its services in various omnichannel industries, including:

  • Automobile
  • Manufacturing
  • Consumer Appliances
  • Furniture-Products
  • Mining Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry

Why Zeal for Industrial Product Design & 3D Scanning

Zeal is a local Australian company offering both in-house and offshore digital manufacturing services for multiple industries. We are known for delivering consistent quality, innovation, and cost-effective solutions to our customers. Zeal stands out from the rest for:

  • Professional Services – We have a team of experienced engineers and designers that fully understand your requirements.
  • Faster Turnaround Time – We strive to reduce your time-to-market with our agile approach. Experience a faster way of scaling your production with Zeal.
  • Superior Quality – Zeal is known for offering superior services with bespoke customizations to match your requirements. Expect industrial-grade quality from our experts.

Contact us to explore the best 3d scanning and CAD outsourcing services at Zeal and speed up your product designing and development phase.

CAD Services


Innovation lies at the heart of our project delivery services that are aimed to equip clients to draw maximum returns from their investments. Our work culture is driven primarily by a commitment to excellence, besides fairness and integrity in the business relations, we seek to cultivate. We are here to provide support to businesses across different industries, right from the concept stage through its execution, development, and then production.


CAD is a specialised area, so it makes sense to work with specialists who understand how you work, what you need and can deliver a high-quality bespoke service to suit your requirements.

We always stay updated with the latest software’s and version.
We use software’s like AutoCAD, Solidworks, Ansys, 3Dsmax, inventor etc.


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